Thursday, January 19, 2012

ArE YoU CraZy?!

Well... Trip to Chicago went well!

The drive gave me time to do some thinking... OH no! haha.... that thinking will be in my other blog... back to the subject on hand... Chicago.

I went and met up with the Director of Client Relations (Alicia) of the company I am going through for this surrogacy. We got to finally meet after first talking in the beginning of October! It was great to see the place and meet her finally. She and I got to discuss in great detail what the process should look like... along with my requests and desires.

I then got to take a wonderful almost 600 question test on the computer... as well as a 344 question SCAN TRON... yes you heard me folks... SCAN TRON.. ugh!!! I felt like I was taking my ACT... only these were some of the questions... Have you ever thought about killing yourself? Have you ever thought about what you would write in your suicide note? Have you ever told anyone you were going to commit suicide? Have you ever hurt yourself? Would you like to be a florist? Would you like to be a soldier? Would you like to be a librarian? Are you easily excitable? Would you like to be a forest ranger? ETC.... those are serious questions....

Anyway, I survived the testing. A couple of intended parents from the Netherlands had just flown in and met their surrogate for the first time... and they were in the office meeting.. it was pretty cool. I am avoiding having IP's from a different country though.. I'm looking for a couple from Illinois actually! But.... I'm open to a lot of things... we'll just have to see...

Anyway some pretty rigorous psych testing... as well as a more detailed run down on what it all looks like.... Here is the step by step journey we should be taking..

The Process, Step by Step

Step One: The Surrogate Mother Application and Evaluation Process
This application asks about your lifestyle, pregnancy, medical, and work history. After review... a lengthy phone interview will then take place from the coordinator. All medical records then are sent in for review and approval. Upon satisfactory review of OB records a meeting will take place and psych evaluation. Followed by a home visit by one a mental health staff.

Step Two: Matching Surrogate Mother with Intended Parents
Information will be provided to us about possible intended parents so that all parties can mutually select who they would like to work with. Once everyone feels comfortable with the profile selection, the surrogacy coordinator will arrange a meeting between all parties to discuss the partnership and expectations. This is one of the most important, crucial and reaffirming steps in the surrogacy journey- establishing a connection between the surrogate and loving intended parents.

Both parties meet with their lawyers to draw up contracts and get everything possible down in writing

Step Three: Surrogate Mother Medical Work Up
An appointment with the intended couple’s physician at their IVF clinic

Step Four: Surrogate Mother IVF Cycle
Medicine/shots/ etc to thicken my uterine lning as well as to sync my menstrual cycle with the intended mom.

Embryo transfer!
The embryos will be placed through the catheter and into the uterus for anticipated implantation.
then blood drawn and ultrasounds regularly to monitor the progress of the cycle.

Step Five: Surrogate Mother Pregnancy and Delivery!
Ba da Bing Ba da Boom!

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  1. how exciting!!! can't wait to follow your journey!

    if you're interested we have a nice group of christian surromommas on fb -!/groups/301497239901388/