Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why in the world would make you want to do THAT?!

When we first considered surrogacy... we had two kids at the time. It was back when we were getting out of the Marine Corps... we were looking into our future away from Daddy Warbucks and into the poor house of starting over, and actually as a joke started an Internet search for selling testicles. I had read an article or saw on the news something about selling testicles for a substantial amount of money, so jokingly we began searching that. We came across lots of ridiculous articles but I read a few articles on surrogacy... and they stuck with me. I began to think about what life would be like without kids. Without EVER having kids or being able to.... and I couldn't imagine it. At the time I knew a few people who were unable to carry.. and were undergoing fertility treatments to help out... and I thought about what a gift that would be to those people. We also saw what the monetary compensation was... which helps when you are looking at an unsure future. We went forward with it, speaking to a company in California and were approved... upon approval I started to have a change of heart. The timing wasn't the greatest, and I knew that I wanted as least one more kid of our own and wanted to make sure that if anything were to go wrong, I would be content with just the two children I had. So we walked away from it.

The idea resurfaced again after Ollie was born. We were financially content, we had three kids, both of us had secure jobs. We had recently became involved in a church family which became more of our lifestyle and less of church. We were happy and began talking and discussing it again as an option. It helped knowing that my friend Kristi had successfully delivered her surrogate baby just a few days before I had Ollie, and all went well with it. But, all talk was put on hold when I became pregnant with our wonderful little Charley.

Surrogacy came back on the table during my pregnancy with Charley... I have a good uterus... I might as well use it! I knew that this is something I wanted to do... and our family could handle doing. So here we are today... we filled out the paperwork this Fall, I have been in contact with the company that is based out of Chicago and Colorado since the first days of application. We have been gathering all the needed materials, doctor's notes of approval, my medical records of labor and delivery as well as all prenatal care. That was sure a task- I KNEW that it was from God though when I already had all the military records from Emery's pregnancy. If you don't know- the military and hospitals on base are notorious for being pains in the YOU KNOW WHAT... and I knew that would be a struggle. But, I already requested them back when I was pregnant with Ollie! Which was a miracle in itself that I didn't have to try hunting those down. I had a bit of an issue with BayLeigh's from CGH, but it all worked out and came together. The next waiting step was Joe's employment. We knew he was getting the job and our insurance would be changing, and we didn't want to start and have to deal with changing companies, etc. Joe received a phone call the day before I received my phone call. His phone call was telling him he would be starting on the 17th and insurance would begin at 1 am on the 17th with no probationary or waiting period; my phone call was scheduling our appointment and letting us know that our medical records were received, reviewed, and the green light was given. With everything in place here we are now.

We first researched the idea in 2007 and we are still at it in 2012- 5 years later..who knew a silly little google (or in that time yahoo search) for selling testicles could lead to this?! So back to why... or why now... well.. As far as why- we want to give this amazing gift to someone else that may not be able to! We want to pour into someones' lives the way God has poured a blessing into ours. YES, there is compensation involved. Is that why we are doing it?? Absolutely not... there's plenty of ways out there to make a living- and Joe just got an incredible, secure job. We are in for the giving not the receiving. OK we are a little selfish, or at least I am..I can't wait for the JOY that I know I am going to get out of this. So that's why... as for why now?!

God's Timing is Perfect Timing.

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