Thursday, August 9, 2012

Transfer complete!

So... a little bit about my transfer before I forget details!

I ended up driving in to Chicago Wednesday evening and joined our IP's (Intended Parents) at the Cheesecake Factory for Dinner.  We met up around 7:00 and I didn't get back to my hotel room until 10:15... and I couldn't believe it was that late!  We just had so much to talk about and were having a great evening that time flew by.  They gave me a sweet gift to help me relax and I ended up enjoying the quiet of the hotel room and the amazing view!

They picked me up from the hotel this morning and we rode to the hospital together.  My IM (Intended Mother) joined me int he procedure room - which surprisingly wasn't the least bit awkward at all... in fact it was rather natural.  The staff was very informative- they have 6-7 great looking embryos that they will be freezing for the future.  The two embryos that were transferred today were as good as the could be and the Dr. said the placement was great.  It was interesting there was a little window in the room that went directly to the lab and the lab techs were preparing the embryos right behind the wall.  The science of it all is simply amazing that there could be potential babies being frozen...  boggles my mind!  The procedure itself was really quick.  They used a catheter to go through my cervix into my uterine lining and place the embryos right in the middle.  My IM held my hand as we literally watched on the ultrasound machine as the embryos ever so softly dropped onto my uterine lining.  (Bombs away... is what the doctor doing the procedure said)  Not too often can you say you witnessed conception!  I didn't feel much of anything and the Dr. gave us both ultrasound pictures of the little embryos hanging out!  Hopefully this will be the first picture of MANY for my IP's.  They are so excited, and I am so excited for them!  

The bright spot in the red circle is the embryos.

I go in for a blood test on Aug 20th to check my HCG levels.  I will probably take a home pregnancy test sometime before then though!

We got to ask the doctor some questions-  I had asked when "conception" is considered and I was surprised to find out technically if the embryos stuck today we would be 2 weeks and 4 days pregnant.  Isn't that crazy?!  Time is already flying by ;)

We ended up going out to eat after the transfer (Gino's East)- amazing pizza by the way.  There was a difference in the air... I think we all let our guard down and truly gave in to the hope of this journey.. all the formalities were done- and we truly are friends...  For so long they tried to get pregnant, then discussed alternatives, then chose surrogacy, then went through the process, and all the time passed and they never let it become real to them.  And for so long have I researched, and talked about, and applied, and was matched, and was examined, and was on medications... etc before it became real.  And now that it's real we finally let in to the excitement I think.  I really was blessed by our time together- getting to know each other and share and understand each side better.  I inquired about the egg donor process and how their side of the surrogacy went... It truly is a miracle how everything works itself out.  I was sad to say goodbye but I know that we will see each other again soon!  

I am really hoping and praying that these embryos take and my body does what it needs to to make my IP's a mommy and a daddy because they are amazing people who deserve the joy of parenthood.  More will definitely be coming..  stay tuned!


  1. I have to admit...reading this makes me want to be a surrogate. I have thought about it on and off since Kristi did it. I remember the feeling after the twins died and before Wyatt was conceived. My body ached for another baby. It would be amazing to give another couple that is aching so much for a baby that gift. You are an amazing person!!

  2. That is so awesome... thank you for documenting and sharing all of this! When I lived in Florida I went with a friend of mine to her IVF transfer (for her own babies) becuase her husband couldn't be there. We still joke about how I was there for their son's conception! I will be praying for those little embryos. You are such a special gal... I'm so glad I can call you my friend.

  3. this is so awesome. what a gift! thanks for sharing all this with us. looking forward to reading your next post telling us that "it took". i'm so excited for both families. i know their dreams will come true.

  4. YOu are amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing this I have been anxiously stalking all day:) LOL Praying for you all!!