Sunday, August 26, 2012

Anxious and Uncertain

Well!  Wednesday's beta came back with a HCG level in the 300's .. it more than doubled which is a true telling sign of pregnancy!!!  Unfortunately, Saturday I had some spotting... followed by some spotting/bleeding over the last week off and on.

There are SO many things that can cause normal bleeding in the beginning of an IVF pregnancy.  There are so many factors into spotting... the amount of blood, how long, how much, what's it look like, etc... ugh it makes my head literally spin.

My IVF clinic does not seem concerned.  Although after my consistent calling and urging they did increase my Progesterone and added to my pill in take in addition to the inserts I am already taking.

I was told that spotting/bleeding is typical.

On the flip side you hear that it's not typical sometimes!  Ahhh there are so many factors-  so.... here I am writing my stress out... sharing my stress... and ultimately.. after tonight- I am giving it to God.  I am no longer going to worry about is this normal or not.  I give it to God who ultimately is the decider of whether it's normal or not ;)

I'm not sure if this is normal for me- I would have never known this soon in the ballgame that I was pregnant (we are five weeks pregnant tomorrow!)  It could be multiple things... ugh... multiple normal things and multiple abnormal things.  NEVER google stuff like this!

I will be calling the clinic and asking to do two more HCG blood tests to make sure my numbers are increasing.  This will be for peace of mind and to make sure we know ahead of the ultrasound if the numbers aren't increasing for some reason.

I think the worst part in this is I would hate for this to be something of concern and NOT know until the ultrasound on the 5th... I adore my IP's and would hate for them to make the drive all the way here for bad news... that is why I want the blood tests... to rule out that bad news, to give peace of mind..

I am not a doctor, I do not know what is normal... I don't know what is a lot or a little or spotting or bleeding... therefore ... I just need your prayers... prayers that all is well!  Prayers for all involved.


  1. try and relax! {easier said than done I know!} the progesterone supp. can cause spotting as well as a subchorionic hematoma. all bleeding is scary i know, i've been there. lots of water and relax with your feet up! prayers!

  2. I've been on it... I pray for your uterus daily my friend. :) And take the advice above... putting your feet up for a few days sounds like a NECESSARY precaution!

  3. Praying for you lady!! I'm with the ladies above....FEET UP:) Lots of rest! We will gladly take Charley and Ollie while the girls are in school if you need me too and I MEAN IT!! DON'T hesitate to call:)