Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Teeny Tiny

M & M made the drive from Chicago and met me at the ultrasound office.  I went in a little early just to talk to the tech about my bleeding/spotting and concerns.  They led us back to the ultrasound room and they both came back to view.  I think we were all nervous and wondering what was going on...  our technician did a great job showing us EVERYTHING and explaining tissues and colors, but we were quietly waiting for the moment of truth... how many (if any) babies were growing inside.  After what seemed like ages (it was probably 5 minutes) she showed us one very teeny tiny embryonic pole and yolk sac.  Amazingly at 6 weeks you could see the cardiac movement.  The heart is no where near formed but you could see the flutter of flow in the teeny tiny grain of rice looking embryo.  I have never had an ultrasound that early so I found that amazing.  So!  April 30thish we are expecting a Baby for M & M!  How exciting for them!! :) Everything looked great and healthy with the baby.  I do have a subchorionic (sp?) hemorrhage which apparently is bleeding outside of my uterus which is quite common with IVF and should clear itself.  I go back on the 18th for another peek!  How great.  I scheduled my first appointment with my OWN OB  how exciting to see Dr. Pimentel again :) After the appointment we celebrated with Olive Garden and M & M came over to visit at our house and got to meet my mother and two little ones.  It was great to see them play and interact with Charley (1 1/2 year) I know they will be great parents!!!   Anyway... enough for now.. here is a little peek at Baby:


  1. How exciting! Praise God for that healthy little heartbeat!

  2. I could not be happier to hear this news after all the concerns you had! So awesome!